Bishop Dr. Romeon O. Facey


Bishop Dr. Romeon O. Facey is the founder and Leader of the Freedom Evangelical

For Bishop Facey, ministry began at the age of 22 in the form of prayer meetings. These
meetings started in the home of Leighton Burke in Easter of 2007; where Facey and others met
as a group to assist in strengthening his Christian faith. The meetings grew steadily, and the
group moved to Hope Gardens and after further growth, blossomed into Freedom Ministries. As
young people, their main goal was to spread the gospel of Jesus to the nations. The group
continued to evangelize, ministering at various church events and crusades.

Bishop Facey never knew he could preach or that he was even called to preach, but he loved to
evangelize in church. God used other people to minister to him, telling him the Lord would use
him to preach. This was in line with his mother’s heart’s desire and prayer to the Lord while
being pregnant: she wanted her son to preach.

One day travelling on the bus, on his way from the Caribbean Maritime Institute, Bishop recalls
an experience similar to Jeremiah where he felt like “fire shut up in my bones”. The Lord spoke
to him and told him that He ordained him and sanctified him as a prophet and that birthed his
ministry for preaching.

In 2010, while doing part-time ministry, a word came from a man of God that Bishop Facey
should fast for 40 days. After the fast, the Lord then released him from his congregation and told
him to go into full-time ministry. Once released, he began seeking the Lord for direction. In
obedience, he moved to Hannah Town, where a crusade was launched and the ministry brought
transformation to the lives of many people.

In 2012, Bishop was ordained as a Reverend by Archbishop Dr. C. Lloyd
Battieste from Redemption Faith International Ministries in Ontario, Canada and was
consecrated by him as a Bishop in September 2016.

In 2013, under the leadership of Bishop Facey, Freedom Evangelical Association (FEA)

established a Prayer Line, which enables people from all over to worship, receive prayer and
get deliverance from their homes. This Prayer Line has allowed Bishop to travel to various
places in the United States of America. Apostle Facey and FEA and are quickly becoming
household names in places such as Atlanta, Florida and New York. Through the prayer line,
testimonies of miracles, healing and deliverance are received weekly.

In 2017, Bishop Facey received the Honorary Doctor of Divinity from Mount Olive Bible Institute
& Seminary Inc., Canada.
Bishop Facey now hosts a weekly radio programme, the Voice of Freedom on Nationwide 90FM
(Jamaica) and is the founder of FEA School of Glory which trains and equips persons for

As a prudent man of God, Bishop Facey demonstrates and cultivates a culture of faithfulness
throughout the congregation. He adheres to God’s values both in his role as head of the ministry
and also in his personal life. Bishop Facey is a powerful man of God, who carries the fire of the
Holy Ghost. He is Appointed, Anointed and Armed for spiritual warfare. It is under his leadership
and discipline that Freedom Evangelical Association has become a household name for

Bishop Facey is married to Rev. Carolyn who serves with him in ministry. They have three
children and reside in Portmore, Jamaica.

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