What we stand for and what we believe in.

  • We believe that truth is absolute and is of moral character.

  • The WORD of God is the only and absolute truth.

  • The WORD of God is the Holy Bible which is the land mark that should govern the affairs of men that cannot be replaced. Therefore as people of God no service to our loving Father should be outside His most Holy WORD.

  • True service to the Father is not a secular duty but is cultivated out of a heart of love and true obedience so each member should serve in the area where he or she is called.

  • Our commitment to CHRIST should produce a sweet fragrance of humility and deep unconditional love one for another.

  • Prayer is our artillery, Faith is our Authority, Wisdom is our methodology with these three in harmony our mountains become rubbles and the way in the valley of decision becomes easy. Observe these three when making all decisions.

  • Before our Father’s throne is a sea of glass like unto crystals so all our financial dealings must be transparent, demonstrating the highest moral standards and the report of good stewardship.

  • There must be a corporate preparation of God’s people before entering the mission field (sanctification, confession, fasting, guidance, meditation, etc).

  • Purity in mind, speech and body is our act of worship to our Holy Father. Shun evil innuendos and all counselling that may lead to sexual impurity.

  • The HOLY SPIRIT is our Guide and Teacher. Before going on the mission field be filled or controlled by the Spirit’s power and presence.

  • When labouring in the Lord’s vineyard all fellow workers must be in unity and the oneness of mind.

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