FEA School of Glory trains and equips ministers and leaders in Ministerial Biblical Studies at the certificate and Diploma Levels. We are a hands-on Bible School that sharpens and prepares its students practically for the work of the Ministry. Jesus preached, taught and demonstrated.
In our Certificate Course we cover Demonology, the Prophetic Ministry, Spiritual Warfare, Pulpit Etiquette, Ministry Team Protocol and Public Speaking.
Our Diploma course covers Church History, Homiletics, Hermeneutics, Leadership, The Art of Pastoral Ministry, Counselling, Spiritual Warfare 2, etc.
At FEA School of Glory, you’ll be trained and activated in the use of your spiritual gifts and how to flow in the supernatural power of God. This will cause you to be balanced theologically and spiritually.


(Please note, if you have not completed the Certificate Course at FEA School of Glory and are registering for the Diploma Course a transcript is needed from the Institution you previously attended)


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